Proper table Manners tips

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When an individual loses their eyesight, one struggle they will need to overcome is how to eat. Here are a few tips below:


  1. When you are searching your glass of drink, always put your hands at low as possible so you don’t hit the top of the glass and knock it over. Always put your drink at the same place so you can find it easier. Tell your waitress and your friends at the table to put drink at same location if they refill it.
  2. When eating, you will need a pusher. You can use a knife, or a piece of bread to help “push” your food on to your spoon or fork. Imagine it like a cane that helps you map out what you have on your plate.
  3. When a friend places food on your plate and explains what is on it, he or she can use an “imaginary clock,” on the plate to describe what is there. Describe it like what you would see on a typical analog clock.
  4. When cutting a steak, use a fork to spear the meat, and use a knife to cut between the tines. You will need to use both fork and knife to map out where the edge is and estimate size of cut. Practice makes perfect!
  5. It is ok to use your hands if all else fails. I would rather use my hands than have someone spoon feed me.
  6. Always eat your vegetables! There is no excuse! Trust me, playing the Blind Man Card gets old quick.


NLS Talking Books

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Blind people who cannot read, one option is to listen to Audiobooks. Anyone with a print disability can sign up for the NLS talking Books. They can receive a player on loan. Or receive Braille Books through the mail. To learn more click here.


If you have a handheld device like an Apple iPhone, ipad or Android device, there is an app called Bard Mobile you can get to listen to all NLS Talking Books.Click here for details.


If you have a Windows 10 computer, there is an easy to use app that lets you to search and download or add to wishlist of any books through NLS Talking Books. The app is called BARD Express. For more information, you will need to have an online account. Once created, you can access the download for bard Express.

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