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Welcome to Inclusive Ability Initiative

The goal of this website is a 1 stop place for all Disability Resources. Regardless if a person is new at learning about their Disability, or a Family/Friend is doing research for a loved one. We hope this will increase any knowledge you have. if there is a Resource that is not listed, please fill out the contact form here.


As the owner of this small website, my name is Daniel Hawkins. I am DeafBlind with total vision loss and hearing loss. My sister also contribute to this website. Jen is also DeafBlind with total Vision loss and hearing loss. We can communicate by tactile ASL but if the room is quiet enough we can hear each other. Jen have been DeafBlind for much longer than Daniel. Daniel went Total Blind in 2013 and never looked back. With the skills both Daniel and Jen have gained over the years, we would like to share that with others. Feel free to explore this site and contact us here if you have any questions. We would love to hear your feedback!