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Welcome to Inclusive Ability Initiative

The goal of this website is a 1 stop place for all Disability Resources. Regardless if a person is new at learning about their Disability, or a Family/Friend is doing research for a loved one. We hope this will increase any knowledge you have. if there is a Resource that is not listed, please fill out the contact form here.

As the owner of this small website, my name is Daniel Hawkins. I am DeafBlind with total vision loss and hearing loss. My sister also contribute to this website. Jen is also DeafBlind with total Vision loss and hearing loss. We can communicate by tactile ASL but if the room is quiet enough, we can hear each other. Jen have been DeafBlind for much longer than I have. I went Total Blind in 2013 and never looked back. With the skills both Jen and I have gained over the years, we would like to share that with others. Feel free to explore this site and contact us here if you have any questions. We would love to hear your feedback!

As of February of 2022, both Jen and I started to learn how to code with html. Using a Screen-reader, we are able to read the code and understand how to make a webpage accessible. As of now, my Sister is ahead of me. I am almost finished with html basics while Jen is already halfway through css. Both of us want to better understand how to create a webpage and how to make them accessible. I hope you enjoy this site as much we enjoyed creating it.

Ongoing Projects

NLS resources
I am currently am creating a onestop resource in the National Library Service with links to get you started and a full list of YouTube videos.
Illinois Resources
Since I live in Illinois, this will be my first State in listing all resources related to Blind/Low Vision in the State of Illinois.
Blind resources Revamped
Since I am learning how to code in html, I am going to clean up the Blind resources page and put them in tables to give it a cleaner look.
Add more Resources to Intro to Blind Living
This will be an ongoing tweaking to this page to add more and more resources for Introduction to Blind/Low Vision Living. Feel fre to send me ideas and resources to add!

Future Projects

Learn css3
I am pretty much almost done with html, and the next step is css. Html and css go in hand with each other.
Learn how to add a image
It is harder than it looks when you can’t see. Adding an image is easy, but also creating a background so the colors work is hard. This is a goal of mine.
Learn how to Linux Command Line
In order to reach my goal to do full web building and hosting, learning how to run a LAMP server and Linux command line is a must.
Once you learn how to use html, next step in accessibility inclusion is to learn how to do WAI-ARIA. This is extra tags you can add to html to help screenreaders interpret a website.
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