Fedora Outlier

Inclusive Ability Initiative logo with a black background, with a cartoon eyes looking down and to the right, with a big orange A in the center, and a thin white smiling face under the A.

“Employers want to hire employees to increase their business.
Prospective employees want to work to have a great life.
Entrepreneurs want to create and build a business.
Vocational Rehabilitation wants to assist the blind and disabled with employment.
Fedora Outlier LLC makes all of the above a reality by taking the needs of the employer, the employee or entrepreneur and vocational rehabilitation into consideration then coming up with a solution that solves the problem!
We provide accessible interfaces for a blind or disabled person to be able to work. This includes
• Accessible Customizable Websites
• Accessible and customizable database systems
• Assistive technology consulting, teaching and support
• Entrepreneurial coaching, Apprenticeship and mentorship
• Accessible graphical user interfaces and workflows for most modern application programing interfaces
All that means is that we speak fluent twenty-first century business. Taking the technical, making it simple and helping the employer and vocational rehabilitation obtain their desired results while assisting the employee or entrepreneur With finding or creating work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable.”

By Daniel Hawkins

Daniel Hawkins is the owner and founder of the Inclusive Ability Initiative, LLC since November 2019. Daniel is DeafBlind with experience in Adaptive technology and Peer support Training. He also builds and maintain this website and approves all content.