Using Your Amazon Echo Alexa to Join Zoom Meetings

Reading Time: 2 minutes One thing I have learned with training those who are Blind how to use accessible products, joining Zoom meeting may be a bit much for some skill levels. So, one option for those who are unable to use the Zoom app on PC, iPhone, Android or even use the phone to dial in, may use… Continue reading Using Your Amazon Echo Alexa to Join Zoom Meetings

Proper table Manners tips

Reading Time: < 1 minute When an individual loses their eyesight, one struggle they will need to overcome is how to eat. Here are a few tips below:   When you are searching your glass of drink, always put your hands at low as possible so you don’t hit the top of the glass and knock it over. Always put… Continue reading Proper table Manners tips

Who is Daniel?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hello my name is Daniel Hawkins. I am not an alien. I am just a very peaceful human that is also very good looking. Well I think so. However there are some differences I have that you may not be used to. Other than my good looks, I happen to be a Deaf-Blind. What does… Continue reading Who is Daniel?

NLS Talking Books

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blind people who cannot read, one option is to listen to Audiobooks. Anyone with a print disability can sign up for the NLS talking Books. They can receive a player on loan. Or receive Braille Books through the mail. To learn more click here.   If you have a handheld device like an Apple iPhone,… Continue reading NLS Talking Books