Blind Abilities

Inclusive Ability Initiative logo with a black background, with a cartoon eyes looking down and to the right, with a big orange A in the center, and a thin white smiling face under the A.

““When we share what we see through each other’s eyes,
We can then bridge the Gap between the limited expectations and the realities of Blind Abilities.”
The Free Blind Abilities App is the quickest way to reach your High School students, College bound Students and those seeking information about Blindness. All of our podcasts and blogs are created by fellow blind/Visually Impaired people who have or are breaking down the obstacles and sharing their experiences.
From accessing the voiceOver features on the iPhone or iPad to Cleaning a Bathroom with alternative Techniques, Blind Abilities draws from the community of members and not only share their experiences, they listen and offer advice when needed.
With direct contact to our State Agency we produce and distribute podcasts that are relevant and accessible to the end users through the Blind Abilities App for the iPhone.
We work with developers of software, apps, and devices on getting accessibility right. We interview designers and Blindness advocates to share their developments and initiatives. Blind Abilities focus is aimed at building skills and confidence, transitioning to college and the workplace and is here for the newly individual with vision loss and for the role models sharing their stories. Counselors and educators can share and learn from the library of podcasts and blogs on the Blind Abilities App and on the website.
Blind Abilities is a Free App for students, employees and any Blind/visually Impaired individual to help them get a leg up on the tasks before them. You can suggests and request specific podcasts and topics for your needs. State and Local events, career expos and agency information can be posted and distributed to the Blind abilities App and Web site. And with a click of a button or a tap on the screen, listeners are getting the info right on their phone, their tablet or computer.
Whether you use the app yourself or have clients that could enhance their opportunities the Blind Abilities Team is working for you. From the Free App to the web site to our Podcasts with a Blindness perspective, Blind Abilities is bridging the gap between the limited expectations and the realities of Blind Abilities.”

By Daniel Hawkins

Daniel Hawkins is the owner and founder of the Inclusive Ability Initiative, LLC since November 2019. Daniel is DeafBlind with experience in Adaptive technology and Peer support Training. He also builds and maintain this website and approves all content.