Introduction to Blind/Low Vision Living

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Do you have a loved Friend or Family that have recently lost their vision or is about to lose it? Here, we will attempt to provide comprehensives introduction guide to help those who are losing their eyesight. This is not a medical model or attempt to help you restore your eyesight. This is a place to find resources that is already here that we can use. If you are reading this page and have Vision Loss, this will benefit you too. Feel free to send us any comments or suggestions here.

Low Vision Tools

In this section, here we will provide resources for those who are Low Vision but have some useable vision to see. In the Blindness community, there are those who are considered Blind, and those who are considered Low Vision. Those who have vision loss that is unable to drive or read small or large print are often called Blind. These people often would rely on other senses to be able to understand the world around them. For example, using their hearing when their computer talks to them using a Screen-reader, or using their hands to feel what is on the table in front of them.

Low Vision are those who may or may be able to drive. Often corrective lens are able to help. Some may rely on large print material, and or magnifiers. Their vision can be near sighted, tunnel vision, or due to deterioration of the retina, they may have vision to the corner or a certain area they only can focus on.

Understanding a person vision loss is the first step in best helping them. If they have Low Vision, it is best to understand the different lighting, colors, magnification, et that would help them to be Independent. If the person have vision loss enough that they cannot see things well, then methods will be relying on good description, tactile, text to speech devices etc. Below is a start at resources for those with Low Vision that is able to see with these tools.

Low Vision Resource Description
Video magnifiers
Solar shields
Desk lamps
Signature guides
Large print
O&M (White cane)
Apple, Low Vision Tools
Microsoft, Low Vision Tools
Google, Low Vision Tools

Free Resources

Here you will find free resources a qualified Blind/Low Vision person can use. These can be obtained anywhere in United States and will help a Blind/Low Vision person to be more Independent.

Free Resource Description
National Library Service(NLS)
iBill reader Blind/Low Vision can receive a free Bill reader to tell what domination of cash they have. For the application please click here.
NFB White Cane You can get a free NFB White Cane by filling out an application. This cane is a one-piece Cane that is not foldable. Great starter Cane for Blind/Low vision person.
NFB Newsline
24/7 reading Service
hadly braille courses

Conferenceing methods

For Blind/Low Vision transportation may be limited in the area. So, to gain as much Independence communication is the key. Below is a list of different methods that Blind/Low Vision person can connect to others. They can get Social, Support, Training among many benefits of using various Communication technologies.

Conferenceing Methods Description
One Touch Calling Learn how you can set your Smartphone to call conferencing numbers like Zoom meeting with just One touch. No need to dial long complicated string of numbers every time you call a conference.
3 Way Calling
Zoom on IOS
Zoom on Windows PC

Digital Assistant

Here you will find a list of resources that a Digital Assistant devices can help those who are Blind/Low Vision. Do not be confused with a Screen-reader. Digital Assistant are devices that you talk to and get responses. Since a person does not need to see or memorize complicated commands this can be a very very useful tool to gain Independence.

Digital Assistant Description
Amazon, Alexa
Apple, Siri
Google, hey Google

talking Products

Here you will find a vast list of fully accessible products that can talk to a Blind/Low Vision user. With these products, they can vastly change a person’s life and help them be more Independent.

talking Products Description
Talking thermometer
Talking Blood pressure monitor
Talking Bathroom scale
talking Pen friend
talking Wand
talking Watch
Accessible themostat

Assistence Hotline

Here you will see dedicated Hotlines that can help Blind/Low vision user to get specific help for their products. This is also a good place to go to when there is an inaccessibility issue.

Assistence Hotline Description
Microsoft Disability Answer Desk Microsoft offers an Disability Answer desk Hotline for your accessibility questions. You can contact Microsoft to help you with their products in accessibility questions or help. Call the following number, or use Be My Eyes app. To learn more click on the above link to be directed to Microsoft Disability Answer Desk. Here is the Phone number to call them directly,
Phone: 1-800-936-5900
Apple Accessibility Hotline Apple offers an Accessibility Hotline for their products. Click on the above link to read more about what Accessibility they offer. To contact them directly, here is the Phone and email contacts.
Phone: 1-877-204-3930
Email: [email protected]
Amazon Accessibility Customer Support Amazon offers Accessibility support for their products and services. Bonus, if you need assistance in shopping, call their support number and they will add anything to your shopping cart. They will describe the products and help you find the right one you want. However, they cannot help you with the checkout purchase. To learn more, click on the above link, or contact by Phone or Email below,
Phone: 888-283-1678
Email: [email protected]
google helpdesk

Mainstream Devices with Screenreaders

Products that is made for mainstream use, but have accessibility that Blind/Low Vision users can take advantage of.

Mainstream Devices with Screenreaders Description
Microsoft, JAWS
Microsoft, NVDA
Apple, Voiceover
Android, Talkback
Amazon, Voiceview

More Blind/Low Vision resources

Below is more resources that you can find that is not on this page.

types of Blind/Low Vision resources Description
Blind/Low Vision Resources Nationwide A full comprehensive list of all known Blind/Low vision resources.
Blind/Low Vision resources by State Blind/Low Vision resources by State