Blind/Low Vision Nationwide resources

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Here you will find all Resources for Blind and low Vision.

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Blindness tips & tricks

Proper table Manners tips

Tips & tricks on Conference Calling & Zoom meetings

Think Outside of the Box

NLS talking Books


Hadley Institute– A Chicago based school for the Blind that you can learn Braille, and Skills learning via correspondence or online learning. Covers all 50 States and over 100 countries. Also, free.

Helen Keller national Center – A school for the DeafBlind in New York. They offer nationwide services in skills learning for those with both Hearing and Vision loss.

American foundation for the Blind (AFB) – A Non profit organization that offers leadership in advocacy and accessible technology. This is for all ages and Families with great resources.

American Council for the Blind (ACB) – A nationwide Advocacy and resource group for the Blind.

Horizon for the Blind – A Chicago based organization that provides world leading Braille and Audio transcription for those who are Low Vision and Blind.

National Braille Press (NBP) – National Braille Press empowers the blind and visually impaired with programs, materials, and technology supporting braille literacy and learning through touch.

Perkins School for the Blind – A Non profit school that offer education for Children who are Blind or DeafBlind. Also a good resource to prepare Children for college.

Blind bargains – Get news Tips and Tricks and sell your used accessible equipment on the classified’s section. Great Podcast in learning the latest technology.

tech for Blind – We aim to create adaptive technology training materials that are unique, clear and affordable. We think that clear and accurate knowledge of computer information can lead to competent and confident users, and competent and confident users stand to gain enjoyment and employment. We think there is a shortage of such documentation, and we’ll be interested to see if you gain from our materials.

Cool Blind Tech– A another good resource site with weekly posts and technology demos. As the title implies, there are cool tech to learn about.

Mystic Access – A great place that offers training materials that are made by the Blind. (tip, this is where I got the class to learn how to build this website!)

Live Accessible – Great website and YouTube that offers technology demo and resources for the Blind. This is run by a family that just want to show others how Blind people can live Independently.

Flying Blind, LLC – Founded in May of 2006, Flying Blind. LLC is a US-Based (Ohio) Limited Liability Company whose mission is to empower persons who are vision impaired with the necessary Adaptive Technology Solutions to make them independent and efficient in unlimited capacities.

Fedora Outlier, LLC

  • An online teaching platform of various technology that help Blind people be more competitive in the working world.

Blind help Program (BHP) – Site that offers resources and training for those who would not have been able to afford the training.

Top Tech tidbits – website where you can see a weekly Top tech News on Accessibility for the Blind. You can also subscribe to an email Newsletter. Weekly updates come on every Thursday.

Blind Ability A Podcast with a Blindness Perspective – Good resources on every day Blindness tips and tricks.

Kustom Cane – turn a plain Orientation Mobility Cane to a custom look that you want.

Donna Jodhan – Blind Blogger with many stories to share.

MacfortheBlind – Certified Trainer to help you with your accessible Apple products.

Aira – Visual Interpreters Service – Professional Visual Interpreter Service to describe around you using smartphone cameras.

Humanware – Large company that makes high quality low-vision accessibility products.

HIMS Inc. – Large company that makes high quality low vision accessibility products.

Vispero – Large company that makes high quality low vision products.

National federation for the Blind – Advocacy group for the Blind by the Blind.



Apple Vis


List of JAWS Scripts

Definitive Windows 10 keyboard Shortcuts – A list of Keyboard shortcuts that a screenreader may be helpful.

Tab Keywords in Firefox – Here is a useful tool to take advantage of managing your tabs in Mozilla Firefox. Using a screenreader it may be useful.

basic Windows Keyboard Podcasts – A list of beginners to pro Podcasts on how to use Windows Keyboard shortcuts.

How to do a Dropbox File request with a Screenreader – A help file that have been edited for screenreader use on how to do a File Request on Dropbox.

Zoom Meeting Accessibility – Zoom Cloud Meeting Accessibility webpage for good tips and compliance status.

Microsoft Edge keyboard Shortcuts – A list of popular keyboard shortcuts for the new Microsoft Edge web browser.


Inclusive Android

Introduction to Android – An audio file on how to use an Android 1 phone using Talkback and it’s accessibility features.

Peloton Accessibility with talkback – Peloton directions on how to use Talkback.


20 things that the Echo can do for the Blind

All Accessible tech

Cyber Eyez

Scriptalk Station



NLS – Talking Books


NFB Newsline

Accessible Products Stores

A T Guys



Future Aids

guidelights and gadgets – Accessible tech on guide dogs, teams, and travel.


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