Using Your Amazon Echo Alexa to Join Zoom Meetings

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One thing I have learned with training those who are Blind how to use accessible products, joining Zoom meeting may be a bit much for some skill levels. So, one option for those who are unable to use the Zoom app on PC, iPhone, Android or even use the phone to dial in, may use their Amazon -Echo using Alexa. If it is setup correctly, one can just say “Alexa, Join Zoom Meeting”. That’s it. Alexa will do everything else! Read on to learn how to setup this and have your friends and family join with you on Zoom!

1st Step

First you will need to have Alexa setup. There are plenty of directions on how to setup Alexa on your Echo device. However, in this setup you will need to make sure you enable phone calling and Calendar lookup. Both of these must be enabled for this to work. Alexa will look at the calendar and see there is a Zoom meeting. Then she will then call using the registered phone number and automatically enter the code for Zoom meetings.

Setup Calling and Messaging on Amazon Echo – this link is the how to guide to setup calling on your Echo. I would strongly suggest to allow Alexa to view your contacts so you can call anyone on your contacts on your Alexa.

Adding Calendars to Alexa – Here is the how to on linking up your Calendars to your Echo device. For me, Google services seem to work best for me.

Now, once everything is setup, I strongly encourage you to do a test run to see if Alexa can do a test phone call or view a calendar. If she can then you are all set!

2nd Step

Now. This is for the person who is planning on the Zoom event. It does not have to be the Host of Zoom meeting, but someone who can create a Calendar event and share it to the person with the Alexa device. All the person has to do is create a new Calendar event in their phone, tablet, computer and name it. Next, they need to copy and paste the full Zoom Invite into the Notes area. Don’t put anything else in the notes area. The Full Zoom invite will need to have the link, Zoom ID and phone numbers in it. Not the Zoom link only. Next in that Calendar invite, you will add an invite of the person with the Alexa. Add the email that is registered with Alexa. Then, save it!

Last Notes

Whoever have scheduled the Calendar invite will need to schedule the Zoom meeting. The person with Alexa cannot join before the Calendar set time. So, who schedules may want to set an earlier time if they want people to join early.

The Zoom meeting cannot have passcode or Host ID enabled for telephone calling. If these are enabled, Alexa is not smart enough to dial in. She will just hang waiting for the next command.

When the person with Alexa joins the Zoom meeting, they are responsible in muting themselves. They can do this by pressing the mute button on the left side of the Alexa device. If the Zoom host is forced to mute you, you will be able to unmute yourself with Alexa, unless you hang-up and rejoin.

It is a good idea to sit closer to Alexa, her microphone is not the best. Lastly, when you are all done with Alexa, just say, “Alexa, hang up”.

By Daniel Hawkins

Hello, I am Blind with Hearing Loss. I am learning how to build websites and learning all about accessibility involved in website building. I started learning how to code with html which I am having a lot of fun! Soon I will start learning how to do css3. I decided to learn how build a website on Wordpress. Feel free to fill out the Contact Us page if you have any questions or suggestions! I hope you enjoy this site as much I am!

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