Sending Automatic Download Link for Dropbox

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Here is a simple tip for everyone. Sometimes we will need to send a Dropbox link to someone. However, when a person we send a Dropbox link, it may not understand computers enough to understand and to navigate a Dropbox website to download a file. We can remedy that. If you send a person a Dropbox link, we can just edit the link just a bit so that the person receiving the Dropbox can only click on the link, and that will start the automatic download. No need to navigate the Dropbox website. In order to do this, all you have to do is copy the Dropbox link and paste it in an email or text that you are sending. Then the very last digit is a 0. Change that to a 1 and that will start the automatic download for anyone who click on that link. Simple as that. Enjoy guys!

By Daniel Hawkins

Hello, I am Blind with Hearing Loss. I am learning how to build websites and learning all about accessibility involved in website building. I started learning how to code with html which I am having a lot of fun! Soon I will start learning how to do css3. I decided to learn how build a website on Wordpress. Feel free to fill out the Contact Us page if you have any questions or suggestions! I hope you enjoy this site as much I am!

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