July 2020 Update

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Another excellent month has flown by. As we stay at home and stay safe from this pandemic, we are staying busy. One very exciting news update is that Apple just did their yearly WWDC 2020 announcement on the next major updates on their products. This update will be released this fall when the new iPhones come out. But with IOS 14 coming out, there are many new updates. Here are the highlights Here.  If you want to listen to the full keynote, Click here.

As the weather is getting warmer, I have been spending much of my time outside on the back deck enjoying the sun. I am still getting used to my new pellet smoker, but I am starting to get a hang of it. Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great month! Here are a few tips and resources for you guys. Feel free to leave a comment in the Contact Us page. Enjoy the weather guys!

Tip of the Month

Sometimes as a Blind person, I have to think outside the box. We are taught what is proper and what is not. For example, we should use a fork and knife to eat. But if you are unable, what do you do? Some individuals think that the ONLY way to eat is with a fork and knife. There are NO alternatives. If you are unable to do that, then life is hopeless. But wait! You CAN! You just have to try other methods to get the job done. Here is a favorite tip of mine. As a blind person, how do you put toothpaste on a toothbrush? I have gone through an entire tube of toothpaste before I realized that I don’t have to do the “proper” method that I was taught when I was little. The solution? Just keep your own tube of toothpaste and don’t share it. When you are ready to brush your teeth, just squirt a little bit in your mouth and brush away. No mess and no fuss!

People think it is impossible to vacuum or sweep floors when one is blind.  It is possible! I would suggest you walk barefoot so you can feel the floor and see if you did a good job or not. Then, when you vacuum or sweep, think of a grid pattern. Break up your rooms into smaller squares or rectangles. It will take you several weeks to get a pattern down pat.  Once you figure it out, it will come more naturally. I would also suggest you to treat a vacuum cleaner or broom like an extension to your cane. When you run your vacuum along the wall or near a couch or table, you can feel it bump along things. Last, walk around your house barefoot first to feel around to see if anything small is left on the floor.  For example: strings, shirts, debris, and so on. Establish the good habit of not throwing clothing on the floor when it is dirty.  Put things where they belong, so you won’t trip over them in the process of vacuuming or sweeping!

New Resources

Tab Keywords in Firefox – Here is a useful tool to take advantage of managing your tabs in Mozilla Firefox. Using a screenreader it may be useful.

Introduction to Android – An audio file on how to use an Android 1 phone using Talkback and it’s accessibility features.

Definitive Windows 10 keyboard Shortcuts – A list of Keyboard shortcuts that a screenreader may be helpful.

Do Not Disturb on iPhone & iPad – A breakdown on how to use the Do Not Disturb feature found on Apple IOS devices.

Visual Description of Icons on Apple iPhone & iPad – A useful description of all the Icons used in Apple IOS devices. Useful for Low Vision or Blind users.

Blind Ability A Podcast with a Blindness Perspective – Good resources on every day Blindness tips and tricks.

Sight And Sound Impaired (SASI) – Deaf-Blind support for individuals based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kustom Cane – turn a plain Orientation Mobility Cane to a custom look that you want.

Blind Alive – An audio workout program that Blind people can use and enjoy.

MacfortheBlind – Certified Trainer to help you with your accessible Apple products.

Donna Jodhan – Blind Blogger with many stories to share.

guidelights and gadgets – Accessible tech on guide dogs, teams, and travel.

Sprint IP-Relay – Free online TTY- like relay for those who are Deaf, hard-of- hearing, or Deaf-Blind.

basic Windows Keyboard Podcasts – A list of beginners to pro Podcasts on how to use Windows Keyboard shortcuts.

GoSee4All – iPhone & iPad app for Deaf and Deaf-Blind to tune into TV Programming & Emergency Alerts.

DeafBlind Interpreting – great resource to increase Deaf-Blind Interpretering.

Protactile Communications – pro-tactile (PT) Communications and Principles.

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