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Ever run smack into a wall that wasn’t there 30 seconds ago – or so you thought? Or thought you sprinkled a dash of black pepper into your scrumptious dinner, only to sit down to enjoy an unexpectedly fiery hot dish and realize you must’ve dumped in waaaay more pepper than you intended? Or been told that you’re wearing one white and one black sock when you were sure you put on a black pair?

Many of these mishaps happen to all of us and they make for great jokes and good laughs with friends. But the truth is it happens to those of us with disabilities more often. Not only that, but the general public view it differently when things happen to us – it isn’t so funny to them and they think of us as helpless because of it. For example, for a time it was the style for people to intentionally wear mismatching socks. However, if I chose to wear mismatching socks, I would not be viewed as stylish but rather as helpless because I supposedly can’t match my socks… Sad. So, first folks, if you have a mishap, please remember to laugh. Much of life is the result of appreciating those funny moments. Second, there is much one can do to lessen the frequency and frustration of those everyday mishaps and continue with a relatively normal day with your disability. It just takes a bit of understanding how you process information, adjusting your perspective to each task accordingly, and being creative.

What works for one person may not work for another, and a lot depends on your specific setup and circumstances. Much can be learned from others who’ve been there, done that. This, in fact, is how I came up with many of my own ideas – by modifying what others have done to my own taste. So, with that in mind, I invite you to read my page.


I will describe how I do simple, everyday things as a deafblind person. You are welcome also to use the contact us form to suggest any particular everyday task or topic you are interested in.

As a deafblind person, I process information about my environment and whatever I’m doing by touch mostly. I have no vision at all, and if my cochlear implants are off – which they usually are if it’s just me and my dog alone at home – no hearing at all also. This will be a key theme as you see how I adapt things, and you will find that by vision and hearing are not the only way to do many things. So, I hope you find inspiration and it helps you on your journey to living fully with your …umm… Let’s just not call it disability, okay? … Your unique twist to living everyday moments. Now, that’s better. Below you will find direct links to my Twists and Stories. Feel free to check them out and contact me anytime! Click here to fill out my contact form.

List of Jen’s Twist to Everyday Moments

Jen’s Kitchen – Jen explains what her kitchen looks like and how a DeafBlind can navigate it.


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