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Hello my name is Daniel. I have been teaching myself on how to build WordPress websites. In order to build a website, I need a topic. Well, here is one topic I think everyone will enjoy. I enjoy learning new things on how to be a Blind or DeafBlind person. I don’t let things stop me despite my disability. Sure, I have my struggles, but I have learned a lot. So, I am going to share what I learn with everyone! Below this, you will find various tips and tricks and stories I do to make things easier, how I do things. One thing I love is accessible technology, so you will find many topics on that. If you wish to learn more about myself, please click here.

List of Daniel’s Tips & Stories

Sending Automatic Download Link for Dropbox

Proper table Manners tips

Duck, Duck, GOOSE! – how does a Blind person navigate a Public restroom.

Tips & tricks on Conference Calling & Zoom meetings

Think Outside of the Box

NLS talking Books

Using Amazon Echo Alexa to Join Zoom Meetings – Daniel explains how to use your Alexa to connect to Zoom Meetings.


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