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One Service that many Blind/Low Vision sign up for is the NLS Talking Book services. NLS means National Library Service. This is a service that anyone with a print disability can qualify for Audiobooks or Braille through NLS. If you are low vision or even have difficulty turning a page, you will qualify for NLS. You will need to find the application for your State Library. Click here for the Library listed by State.

How this works? Once approved a person can receive a free permanent loan NLS Player. Once received, the user will start receiving by post mail cartridges of Audiobooks in a special shipping plastic case. The user can pop the cartridge in the NLS Player and listen to the Audiobook. Once done, they can pop the cartridge back in the special plastic carrier, flip the mailing address and put it in the mailbox. All free. This also can be the same for Braille publications. The Braille books will come in large plastic shipping containers so it can be shipped back and forth from the Library.

Another option is the reader can also sign up for BARD services. Once approved to receive NLS Talking Books or Braille books, a reader can sign up for BARD online. BARD is an online service that you can directly download books to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or to Windows so it can be put on a flash drive to be plugged in the NLS Player. With this setup, you can download as much books you want in any order and keep it as long as you want. There are BARD Mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. For Windows based, there is BARD Express that can easily look up books and download them. Or you can add them to Wish List to be added to your Apple or Android device. To learn more about BARD services and apply, Click hhere.

One Advantage of the NLS Player is that it have very good navigation keys that a Blind/Low Vision can either see the brightly colored buttons or feel them. Each button feel differently so you can notice which button to press. The NLS Player also have special navigation that you can move by chapters or bookmarks. Suppose you are reading a Bible, you can move from Bible book to Bible book. Once you are in it, you can move by chapter by chapter. On top of that, you can add Bookmarks so you can go back to it anytime.

Feel free to watch Videos below to learn more how to use the NLS Player, VBARD Mobile, and BARD Express.

How to use BARD Mobile on IOS

BARD Mobile: Read an Audiobook
BARD Mobile: Read a Braille Book
BARD Mobile: Subscribe to a Book Series or Magazine
BARD Mobile: Manage Your Downloads

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